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Game 1: Spent  

I felt playing this game is how Syrian people think who are in poverty. Every choice I took affected the one after. I had to let go of things that I needed or wanted you. Sometimes I did not get what my daughter wanted to save money and let go of my dog, which hurt me. What I learned is that it’s not easy living in poverty and it’s a blessing of where I’m today and to always be thankful for what I have. One suggestion would be adding more options as other where people would write their opinion. 

Game 2: BBC Syrian Refugees

What I felt is that this can be my last day on earth and each day is a blessing that I’m alive. All decision I took was hard because it was a trip about taking risks. I felt so sad knowing that these options are real as they are done by real stories. In addition, it was the same as the movie Swimmers when they were traveling from Syria to Germany. Playing this game made me feel as if I’m one of these characters. I learned that is hard living life like that and taking decisions for leaving your country and taking risks. One suggestion is to make the game a bit longer to feel more entertained because every time I choose an option, I end up losing the game but I guess they are trying to show us how most Syrians felt. 

Game 3: Skills Practice: A Home Visit

this game was a bit boring for me as it was too tall and each choice, I made was wrong so I did not enjoy it much. However, I felt sorry for the wife and seeing the video was more entertaining than reading a big chunk of paragraph. I think that many women face abuse from and are unable to let their voices out. This video promotes the idea of how hard it is to speak out. I would suggest that the make the game a bit shorter because I started to get bored in the middle. 

Game 4: Sleep Deprived Game

This game made me feel what I will go through as a mom when I get older. I felt how our parents’ made sacrifices for us in order to make us happy. I felt the hours of sleep they lost in order to be there for us and to make time for themselves. I lost over 8 hours of sleep in the game which is the average of the number of hours an adult need in order to cooperate. I liked that this game is short and straight to the point. It was not boring because there wasn’t a right or wrong answer. Ill suggest to add more images to turn it into a more real game. 

Game 5: Know Yourself

This was my favorite game after all the games I played because it made me think how sometimes I could be judgmental. I think I got two wrong or being “judgy” when there was a poor guy at night and I was scared of him and that made me judge him by how he looks based on experience and the other one is when there was a student, I thought he/she is cheating but they weren’t actually. I chose this answer because all students that I see usually cheats and it is unfair and I feel that they need to be taught what is right and what is wrong. I would suggest that the game could add more pictures. 

Game 6: October 1st, 2020

This game was a bit boring too as the questions were so long and there weren’t many options on what to say. However, this game was exactly like what happened with Covid-19 which was a hard time for everybody. Having to stay home and find the motivation to work from home is what I felt like playing the game. I felt what happened in 2019 is rewinding itself again with this game. Faculties faced a hard time trying to work with technology with many technical difficulties which made it hard for us all. I would suggest making the reading a bit shorter as students will not read long paragraphs. 


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